Does your pet have a skin allergy or more chronic condition?


Maybe you need to schedule your pet a series of TherapyBath sessions to help bring their coat to better health.


  • Full Service Grooming
  • Mini Grooms & Baths
  • Skin Therapy Treatments
  • MicroBubble Baths* 
  • Hydro-Massage Ozone Therapies *
  • Nail Trimmings / Dremel
  • Express Grooming Service *
  • Able to accommodate large breed dogs
  • Special De-Shedding Treatments *
  • Specializing in Scissor Haircuts *
  • Free Consultations

* Additional Charges Apply to Special Services

Pet Aesthetician Program


After a summer of schooling, Danica has completed her certificating.


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We are a full service Grooming Salon and Therapeutic Bathing Center. Offering full scissors haircuts, fluffy and low maintenance pet trims, and therapy baths to help conquer persistent or newly noticed skin conditions.

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